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Robin Thicke's Dad Listens To His Music Whilst Having Sex

Photo: Getty Images

Robin Thicke has demanded Alan Thicke return all of his music.

The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker begged his 68-year-old father to give him back all of his albums after the 'Unusually Thicke' actor's wife Tanya Callau, 40, revealed they often listen to his songs while having sex.

The 38-year-old star was left mortified when Tanya told's 'Loose Talk': "When we do get freaky, we love [Robin's song] 'Sex Therapy'. You have to admit, it's a great song to get in the mood."

Robin took to Twitter after hearing her comments, writing: "Dad, I heard what you said to @usweekly... I need you to give back all of my music. Immediately."

Alan responded: "Relax. We also have 'Diff'rent Strokes' on 'repeat'."

The 'Lost Without U' hitmaker, who recently finalised his divorce from Paula Patton, 39, and is now dating 20-year-old model April Love Geary, previously admitted he doesn't even listen to his own music in the bedroom.

Speaking in 2011, he told Rolling Stone magazine: "My wife still tries to play my music when we have sex and I always ask her to skip the iPod. Skip it! I can't possibly listen to my music when we make love. It drives me nuts because I keep going, 'The bass is too loud, the guitar is wrong, I should've put a solo in that section.' You can't listen to your own music when having sex."

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