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Ryan Gosling Just Told The Cutest Dad Story EVER

In an interview with Ellen on Friday, Ryan Gosling officially confirmed the birth of his second daughter, Amanda Lee. 

In the same chat, Ryan, easily the hottest dad ever, shared a super cute 'dad' story about him and his older daughter, 20-month-old Esmeralda. 

"It's funny because when I was a younger man, I had a fantasy of getting into the graffiti world for a minute. I was living downtown and I heard that if you tag over someone else's taf, that's how you start a battle" he said. 

Now, his graffiti battle dreams are finally coming true on the park playground with his daughter. 

"Some kid has been erasing [Esmeralda's] name and writing their name over it. So now I'm in a proper - finally, I'm in a proper tagging battle." 

Watch the full interview below! 


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