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Sophie Monk Stalker Pleads Guilty

You've probably read about it before now, but incase you didn't know, Aussie superstar Sophie Monk has been the target of an ongoing stalker for many years now.

A few years ago, Monk began receiving tweets and messages over social media from a 'fan', containing sexually explicit content.

The man at fault, James Scott McCabe told Confidential that his obsession with Monk stemmed back to 1999.

Soon the messages began to become more frequent, and contained a mix of violent, threating and sexually explicit content. They also increased in number to around 150 a day.

McCabe was first arrested back in 2013 but allegedly resumed communication with the media personality in September last year using a new Facebook account, continuing with his trademark sexual and threating messages.

This case of cyber stalking is the first of its kind to go to court.

Now, the Tasmanian man has changed his original plea of 'not guilty' to 'guilty' as he admits to stalking the celebrity by sending her threatening, offensive and sexually explicit messages on social media.

Police have revealed that the messages, totalled to be in the 1000s, included threats to harm the actress and singer, her family and her friends.

McCabe's lawyer, Alan Hensley said his client had schizophrenia and was under the influence of the drug ice at the time of the offences between 2010 and 2013.

He also told the court that his client did not intend to cause apprehension or fear. can reveal Sophie Monk, her sister and management were recently set to appear in court.

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