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Sophie Monk's Season Of The Bachelorette Already Slammed

The list of men that are trying to win Sophie Monk’s heart have been public and already fans are screaming about it.

It’s not the racial diversity that is causing concern this time but the eligible Bachelor’s ages.

Fans of the Channel Ten show are upset that producers have selected people who are almost a decade younger than Monk, with the average age coming in at just 30-years-old.

In April Monk, 37, told The Project she would ideally like to fall for someone in their 30s.

Of her 18 selectable men, eight are under 30, the other ten contestants are all over 30 but just one is older than Monk at 38.

The wide age range was actually requested by Monk, who also asked producers to throw in a "silver fox" or two. 

Regardless of what we think however, Monk has told The Age "On the first night, I was standing at the red carpet going, 'What are you doing? But I wanted to find love - and I have. This guy has my back, and for once I feel relaxed and safe. It's frickin' awesome."

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