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Sophie Monk's Version Of 'The Bachelorette' Is V Different!

If you had mates who were thinking of going on Sophie Monk’s version of The Bachelorette.. then there are some terms that are very different.

In a new casting call, published on YahooBe, producers have requested bachelors aged between 40-58 are required for ‘’Sophie's apparent taste for the silver fox".

The usual casting age limit of 26-35 has been thrown out of the window for this year's version.

On The Project in April, Sophie said "They asked me [what age men I wanted], I said, you know, I'd like thirty, because getting younger's a bit a weird, but then there's up, you know? Up to a billion."

The first person link to Sophie on the show is 44-year-old Stu Lady who appeared on SBS show Filthy Rich and Homeless.


We can't wait for it to air!

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