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Stephen Bear Gave Charlotte Crosby The Most F*cked Up Tattoo

Whoever came up with the concept of Just Tattoo Of Us is a frickin' genius.

Basically two people - be they a couple, friends, family, whatever - turn up to Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear's special tattoo parlour to design ink for the other person.

The catch, however, is that neither of the participants are allowed to see their new tatt until after it's on.

Like we said, genius.

And after almost destroying a number of other people's relationships, it only seemed fair for loved-up co-hosts Char and Bear to step up and take the challenge.

Unfortunately, when Bear revealed his design for his reality star girlfriend, he also revealed a huge secret - that she had been cheating on her ex with him.

"I came up with the idea because Charlotte and I was kissing each other when she had a boyfriend [Ash Harrison]," Bear told MTV Australia.

"So I thought, what can I give Charlotte that would make her really angry, because I want to make good telly!

"Obviously it was a good reaction. When I told her what it was it then dawned on her and I've never seen someone so angry."

If you still haven't seen the tatt, it's a cheetah turning into a bear. 

As in cheater... with Bear.

It's actually pretty clever.

"She probably thought I was messing with her emotions or that I didn't really like her and used her for a kiss and outed her on television," Bear continued. "Bit it wasn't the case. It was a tattoo.

"At the time it was so intense and all of the tattoo artists took her side saying I was out of order.

"But that's what the whole show was about!"

Obviously Charlotte forgave Bear because they're still together.

Ah, young love.

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