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Bear Buys Charlotte Crosby The Sweetest Birthday Present

As if we weren't already jealous enough of how frickin' loved-up Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear are, the pair just had to take #CoupleGoals to a whole new level.

Luckily it all went down on Snapchat so we could follow along and pretend we there too when Bear presented his reality star girlfriend with her final birthday gift.

It started with a seriously sweet card and just kept getting better.

"[You're] the most amazing and special person in the world to me and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you X," the Just Tattoo Of Us co-host wrote. 

"I love you so much X Happy birthday! X Stephen Henry Bear X"


Yes, there's a kiss after every sentence and yes, Bear signed his full name.

And inside that very promising box? A customised Louis Vuitton handbag, monogrammed with Char's initials and featuring accents in her favourite colour.


Too cute!

Hey Bear, you got any friends?

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