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Tara Pavlovic Rumoured To Be Dating Bachelorette Contestant

Since the beginning of the Bachelorette in Australia we have become accustomed to ex-contestants seeking the comfort of contestants from the Bachelor after their time on the show comes to an end.

But well, this is one pairing that we did NOT see coming!! Especially seeing as the guy involved is still in the running to win Sophie Monk's heart!

Today, news broke that fan favourite from the Bachelor Australia 2017, Tara Pavlovic, is dating this season's Bachelorette "villain", Blake Colman.

RIGHT?! Tell us you're just as shocked as we are!

Woman's Day are reporting that the couple met for coffee in Coffs Harbour earlier this month and are using instagram posts from Tara's page as evidence.

Back on October 5, Tara posted a snap to instagram and tagged it at The Big Banana Fun Park in Coffs Harbour. Fairly innocent right? Apparently, wrong.

The pic was captioned "Coffee and selfies with this absolute legend @dereckthesloth. So nice running into you at Coffs man! Have to have bevvies soon #thebachelorette".

And while she wasn't pictured with Blake himself she is seen cradling a sloth stuffed animal....

Still not getting it? Lets rewind a few episodes of the Bachelorette to the moment that Blake was seen holding the EXACT SAME SLOTH TOY!

Chilling with the boys waiting for @osher_gunsberg to reveal the date card! Legends @blakecolman and @samual.cochrane

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Interesting....Veerrrryyy interesting.

I mean it makes sense I guess. Tara was the resident comedian on the Bachelor and Blake provided comedy gold on the Bachelorette after allegedly pissing in Jarrod's love fern. (Still unsure if it was Blake or Ryan...either way, comedy GOLD)

And while Blake is still on Sophie Monk's season of the Bachelorette, a source has allegedly told the Daily Mail (*SPOILER*) that he is eliminated after making it to the top four.

Now, as a massive Tara fan, we really REALLY want her to find true love and happiness and all that, but COME ON!! We were hoping she would grace our TV screens once more with her hilarious antics and find 'the one' as the next Bachelorette!

But if it is true, we're happy for them...we guess.


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