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The Block Moment That Could See ONE Team LEAVE The Show!

It was an intense as anything episode of the Block on Tuesday night, with a fiery meeting taking place between teams on the show.

In a body corporate meeting that was set up by Jason, Ronnie and Georgia were accused of stealing their idea for their winning kids' room.

The accusations reduced Georgia to tears, as she called Jason a 'f***ing pr*ck'.

Claims about the duo came thick and fast during the exchange, with other teams taking issue with Ronnie and Georgia’s friends staying on-site to help with the renovations, which Jason saw as an unfair advantage.

Josh also got in on the action, as he accused Georgia of stealing his iPad which was filled with designs.

Getting riled up, Georgia saw the allegations as a personal attack on her and Ronnie, with no one sticking up for her.  

She quickly stormed off and let fly with insults, saying 'Jason is an a**ehole. He's such a d**khead,' 

As Ronnie comforted her, Georgia added: 'What a f****ing pr*ck. This is bulls**t!'

The Block will continue, tonight at 7:30PM on Channel 9.

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