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The Internet Is Going NUTS Over Kylie Jenner's Third Nipple

So when we heard that a photo of Kylie Jenner with what looks like a nipple on her knee had surfaced on the internet, we did many chuckles and got ready for a letdown.

The pic, which was posted to Tyga's Instagram account, seems pretty cute at first glance, but GUYS, this thing is legit; if you look a bit closer, there appears to be a full-on, kind of cold nipple sticking straight out of Kylizzle's knee.

Can you see it? Looks take a closer look.


Fans have many, many theories.

More than likely a hard no for that one, Laura.

Pretty sticky-out mole, no?


Getting warmer.


DING DING DING! That's our favourite. Let's go with ladybug.

OK, panic over. You can all go about your day now.

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