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The One Surprising Guest Who WON'T Be Going To The Met Gala

It's fashion's night of nights and legitimately our favourite red carpet of the year.

Where else would you find Rihanna dressed like Big Bird, or Kim Kardashian dressed like Mrs Doubtfire, or Zayn Malik dressed like a sexy robot?

Nowhere else; Met Gala, we love you.

But this year's iconic event - which takes place on the first Monday of every May and is hosted by Vogue boss Anna Wintour - will be missing one very important guest and we're already disappointed.

"Kanye West will not be attending the Met Ball," a source told PEOPLE. "Kim will be going solo.

"He's still very much enjoying his time off from public events. He's happy and productive, working away on fashion, music etc."

The source added: "He'll be staying back in LA with their kids. Everything is great with him and Kim and he's supportive of her going solo."

It'll be the first time Kim hits up the much-anticipated event without Kanye, although, since sister Kylie and mum Kris attended last year, she'll probably have some familial support on the red carpet.

At least we'll be spared those creepy silver contacts, though.

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