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The ONE Baby Name Kim And Kanye Should Seriously Consider

With their first child being named North, the options of exotic names that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could name their son are endless. 

The powerhouse couple welcomed their son on Sunday morning but, like they did with North, they are struggling to choose a name and are definitely taking their time. 

A source close to the pair told Hollywood Life "One thing they have agreed on is that they do not want it to be a normal name or spelling". 

However, perhaps the most perfect name choice for baby Yeezus could be one that's hardest to think about: Robert, after Kim's dad, who passed away in 2003. 

Robert 'Bob' Kardashian died just eight weeks after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. 

Naming baby number two after Robert would be a great tribute to the late patriarch of the family. 

Given their closeness, it would make sense for Kim to name her son after her beloved father, particular given that none of the other Kardashian grandchildren have been bestowed the family name. 

#Throwback 🤐

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In other news, we think naming their son 'Wild' would be an awful lot of fun... 

Source: Bustle

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