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Gogglebox's Adam And Symon's Girlfriends Not Sure On TV

They are one of the Australia’s favourite Gogglebox couples, beginning the show as students before both becoming qualified physiotherapists.

However it has been revealed that Adam Densten and Simon Lovett’s girlfriends are surprised by their unlikely TV careers.

Symon told the Herald Sun his girlfriend finds his side career a ‘very amusing concept’ and that she laughed when he told her about. Apparently 'She was like, "Really? Couch? Your friend - working?"'

Meanwhile, Adam said his girlfriend appreciates the role on Googlebox because he doesn’t ‘yammer on at her’ about the shows when they are together.

He explained: 'So she's like, "It's good because you can get all your ridiculousness out of the way, and come back and be normal with me.'"

It is not known how much Gogglebox couples get paid, but last year Tom and Wayne said they get a ‘very minimal amount and I can guarantee I drink more each episode than what they pay.'

Gogglebox's new season begins on Thursday night at 9 pm on Network Ten. 

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