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How The Bachelor Reject Elise Knew She Hadn't Won

The nation yelled, once again, at their television screens last night as Matty J Matty J-ed the lovely Elise, dumping her for front-runner Laura in Thursday's Bachelor finale and breaking our hearts in the process.

But the Olympic hockey player told TV Week that, actually, she knew she hadn't won before Matty even opened his mouth thanks to an oversight by the production team.

"I could tell it wasn't going to be me walking towards him," Elise admitted. 

"At this point you're looking for any signs and I actually looked at the ground and I was walking on sand and I said to myself, 'There are no footprints on this path', so no-one had walked it before and so I knew I was walking down for the first time."

How has NO-ONE figured this out before? Bloody hell.

"I thought I'd met the love of my life," Elise added. "He made me feel like there were really strong feelings there so I do feel betrayed."

Make the sadness stop, please. Poor Elise.

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