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Bizarre Photo Of Kendall Jenner Freaks Everyone Out

It's not very often that we get so see an imperfect photo of ANY of the Kar-Jenners, which is probably contributing to how straight-up jaw-dropping this one is.

And we're not the only ones freaking out about it; a huge portion of the internet has lost its collective shit over whatever the hell is happening to Kendall Jenner in this bizarre snap.

The offending photo was taken backstage at the Fendi show at Milan Fashion Week and has either been horribly Photoshopped or just goes to prove that angles really ARE everything.

Check it out.


She looks like an Oompa Loompa, minus the orange skin and green wig. Where is her neck? What happened to her legs? Are they really her arms?

It's very confusing and, we're sorry to say, we have no concrete explanation to offer you.

Kendall, you want to help us out here?

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