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This Famous Model Was Fat Shamed By Her Uber Driver

Plus sized model, Tess Holliday promises to boycott Uber after one of the company’s drivers fat-shamed her during a trip.

The American born model caught the incident on camera and shared it with her 1.4 million followers on Instagram. 

“Hey @uber I don't pay more to use your "black car" service to be told that there's no way I could possibly be healthy because I'm fat & then questioning it.”

“I'm fat. I also have a fat wallet & will no longer be using your services. Ever.”

In just two days, the video has gained over 313,561 views, as well as received hundreds of comments in support of Holliday.

“He is an idiot!”- gemini_tiger_lily 

“101 reasons why I will never use Uber”- msdreafunk 

Although most of the comments Holliday received we’re positive, a few of her followers pointed out that by calling the driver fat herself, she was being rather hypocritical.

“So you are totally good with someone describing you as fat "as a descriptor" ?? I call hypocrite.”-fit_fly_sarahlou 

Tess then editing the post in response,“saying my driver is fat was obviously being used as a descriptor & not to insult him.”

“Also I did not show his face or use his name when filming, it was to be able to show what I deal with daily & why this behavior is unacceptable from anyone.”

What do you think about Tess’ experience, is she right to want to boycott Uber after dealing with one bad driver?

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