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Kris Jenner: THIS is what Kim & Kanye Are Calling The Baby!

With Kim Kardashian now in her final month of pregnancy, we are all waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Baby Boy West! 

Reportedly due on Christmas Day, Kim told TMZ she "feels like he's coming early". 

So, the question that's on EVERYONE's lips is what will they name the baby? 

With their first child named North West (as she was the highest point in their lives) they've got quite the act to follow. 

TMZ reports "sources tell us the couple's discussed dozens of names but they're just not in love with anything they've come up with so far. Our sources say Kim's worried it could come down to them just getting inspired once the little guy arrives". 

But Kris Jenner has different answer all together. 

When leaving a dinner with boyfriend Corey Gamble, Kris was asked what her newest grandchild's name is going to be.. her response? 

"Probably South... I'm counting on it!"

Seems bizarre though because Kim told Ellen DeGeneres "I don't think we'll go another direction. It's definitely not South, every time someone says South I just want to role my eyes. It's not a good direction". 

So either Kris is quite the joker or she is very confident that Kimye will be going in her direction! 

Source: TMZ/The Dishh

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