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This Mean Girls Character Is Now On TINDER!

This Actually happened.. Coach Carr has been discovered on Tinder.

You know, this guy:

Betches swiped upon actor Dwayne Hill on the dating app, and he looks NOTHING like the awkward P.E coach that gave terrible sex education to Cady Heron, Regina George, Gretchen Weiner and Janis Ian 12 years ago.


Dwayne’s Tinder profile reveals that he now has a man bun and has a ‘gang’, which, as he writes in his description, you might be able to join if you’re a ‘good cuddler’


Aside from cuddling, Dwayne also likes to take photos on boats.


Obviously, this discovery led us to more of Dwayne’s online life including his Instagram account. We'll just leave this here..

#Charleston #wedding #middletonplantation #longhairdontcare ;)

A photo posted by Dwayne Hill (@vitamindwayne) on

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