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WATCH: Fergie Tries To Make US National Anthem Sexy

While Fergie was the one who told us that ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, we wouldn’t really blame her for shedding a few tears this morning.

The former Black Eyed Peas singer has woken up to an array of criticism after she sang the American National Anthem at an NBA All-Star Game.

Fergie attempted to put her own spin on the Star Spangled Banner and the only word that we can think of to describe it is CRINGE!!

She walks confidently up to the microphone and stands in front of five army officials holding the American flag. But as the music starts and she opens her mouth everything starts to head downhill.

As the camera pans around the crowd you can literally see how awkward and confused everyone feels in the audience. It’s DEFINITELY not what they expected…


And of course, people had an absolute field day on twitter slamming the unusual rendition of the song.

We honestly don’t know what she was thinking or where she got the inspiration for the bluesy theme…When we think about the patriotic song the word “sexy” or “sultry” doesn’t really come to mind.

Don’t get us wrong, we love you Fergs. But maybe stick with something more traditional next time.

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