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Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume This Year Is Our Favourite

When it comes to Halloween, there are two equally important events: Actual Halloween and two days later, when Heidi Klum finally shares her highly anticipated costume with the rest of us mere mortals.

And so now, on November 2, we can finally stare, impressed and awed, at the German supermodel's INSANE get-up which involved a LOT of prosthetics and 10 full hours in the make-up chair.

Since Klum teased US throughout the day, though, we're going to tease you too; our first glimpse of what was yet to come was a close-up of some kind of animal body as the fancy dress fanatic could be heard saying: "Here we go!"

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Then we saw the many layers of prosthetic make-up being applied, peeping some hectic-looking teeth and a dog-like snout.

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At this point, we're thinking werewolf, right? Almost; Klum had one final, heavily choreographed surprise left.

Yes, the Queen of Halloween transformed into none other than Michael Jackson himself, hustling together an entourage of zombies to make the grandest, smoke-filled entrance ever imagined.


In an interview with Vanity Fair last week, Klum teased her party trick, admitting that she had been putting herself through some rigorous training. 

"It's a bit more involved," she said, adding that dancing "doesn't come super natural to me."

Happy Halloween!!!! 🖤🎃🕷💀🦇👻

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Unbelievably, this is Klum's 18th annual Halloween party which has seen her transform into Jessica Rabbit, the Hindu goddess Kali and a 70-year-old version of herself.

"I thought, 'There isn't one party that I'm dying to go to,' she explained.

"I was in New York City and there was not one destination people would go for Halloween, so I thought, 'I'm going to have to take that over.'

"So I did! I feel like when you're the host of something like that, you have to really give it some."

And give it some she did. What a legend.

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