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Why Mariah Carey Refuses To Bathe In The Nude!

Mariah Carey wears swimwear when she bathes! 

Why? Because of her needy four-year-old twins, Monroe and Morrocan. 

Talking to People magazine, the 45-year-old diva said "I love them so much but when I'm home, they just want to be with me. 

"I'll often take a bath in a bathing suit knowing that I'm going to have to let them in. It's that one thing that used to be my private time and now it's not but that's OK." 

Carey is currently dating billionaire James Packer. 

Talking to Refinery29, she also said her kids favourite song is her most festive tune, All I Want For Christmas. 

"They know it's my song, they love to play it when it's not Christmas. 

"They can pretty much recognise my voice, but sometimes they'll go 'Mummy that's you' and it won't be and I'll be like 'Okaaay'". 


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