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You NEED To See What Katy Perry Wore On Her Met Gala Dress!

It seemed at one time or another during the 90s every kid was worrying about feeding and playing with a tiny toy computer known as a Tamagotchi.

The tiny egg shaped toys didn’t do much, but kids were obsessed with them, tending to them every minute of the day by making sure they had enough to eat and drink and that they were getting enough play time.


If kids failed to keep up the tamagotchi died, which looking back, seems way harsh.

And it looks like Katy Perry was a big fan of the toy because she wore one strapped to her gown for her Met Gala appearance last night!

The 31 year old singer also rocked a much lighter eyebrow colour to accompany her Prada velvet open-back dress.

We’re giggling over the image of Ms Perry frantically feeding her Tamagotchi under the table during the Gala, behind Anna Wintour’s back. 

Katy definitely wins best accessory of the night.


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