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A HORRIFIC New Stephen King Film Is Coming To Netflix

When you think of horror, you think of Stephen King… right? I know I do! It’s hard not to associate the two when It smashed box offices records and Gerald’s Game was full of tense, twisted moments!

If you can’t wait for another Stephen King adaptation then you’re in luck because Netflix is adding the new horror drama 1922  just in time for Halloween.

Staring Thomas Jane as the murderous Nebraskan farmer, Wilfred James, we’re taken on a gruesome ride as we see him murder his wife Arlette (played by Molly Parker) with the help of his son Henry (played by Dylan Schmid) who the farmer has manipulated into assisting him. As chilling as this already sounds, what happens next is where things get truly twisted and hell-ish as the story blends family dynamics with the supernatural.

Still interested? Check out the trailer for the upcoming flick below.

The film is set to drop 20 October.

With plenty of jump scares and disturbing images, why would you watch anything else on Halloween?

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