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Adam Sandler & Ben Stiller Are In A New Movie Together

Now here's a sentence we never thought we'd write again: Adam Sandler's new movie actually looks alright.

The comedian has teamed up with Zoolander alum Ben Stiller, the legendary Dustin Hoffman and everyone's favourite Emma Thompson for The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), a new Netflix flick dropping October 13.

But before you write it off as another dumb Sandler movie, have a listen to this: The Meyerowitz Stories copped a FOUR-MINUTE standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival.

The audience thought it was that good.

The Meyerowitz Stories follows an estranged family who gather in New York to celebrate their artistic father's work and, we're assuming, heal some old wounds in the process.

We actually didn't know that Adam Sandler could make a movie without doing that dumb Billy Madison voice anymore. 

Wonders will never cease.

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