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After Much Debate, We Now Know How Old Margot Robbie Is...

For a while now, many people have had a theory about Margot Robbie’s real age.

Similar to the myth that surrounded Rebel Wilson’s age not too long ago, Margot Robbie is now at the centre of some age-related scandal herself.

Now if you asked Margot Robbie her age now, she would say 25. However, many people have accused her of not being truthful.


In fact, many people believe she’s 30, turning 31. Now I have to admit, I could believe that. She seems so mature and so grown up, especially in the nature of the roles she plays - but apparently, that is not the case.

For instance, Jezebel pointed out that the Sydney Morning Herald listed Margot as being 23 back in 2008.

However, according to a report on MTV, the Huffington Post have reportedly done a little digging and discovered that she is indeed telling the truth about her age.

They found material from The Gold Coast Bulletin from 2007 that confirmed that Margot was a teen at the time of publication, and an interview with Margot from 2008 about her upcoming 18th birthday party.


If the mathematics is correct, those reports would indeed match up to Margot’s date of birth (July 2 1990).

Margot also spoke about the rumours in an interview with Elle last year saying: “people seem outraged that I’m 24. People think I’m a decade older.”


Source: MTV Australia

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