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Alex Nation Finally Breaks Silence After 'Yes' Vote

A majority vote in support of Same Sex Marriage has seen the strength of an entire community bolstered. 

Standing pride and proud.

The news has allowed people from around Australia to share their stories, when they perhaps wouldn't have been so open in the past. 

One such person is Alex Nation, from Richie Straughn's season of The Bachelor. 

While there has been speculation around her relationship with footy teammate Maegan for a number of months, Nation has stayed mum on the matter.

But that all changed after the 'yes vote'.

Speaking to Kidspot, Nation finally confirmed that she was in a same sex relationship and was utterly smitten.

“I was in my lounge room on my own because my partner Maegan was at work and I was texting her the whole time," she told the publication.

“I sent her a text message saying ‘yes’ with all different coloured love hearts and underneath it I said ‘I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this journey with you.’

“[Falling for] a woman caught me by surprise, out of nowhere. Initially, I was confused, scared even. I’m not anymore.

“Her soul is beautiful and mine recognised that.”

The mother of one alos hsared a photo of Maegan and herself watching the sunset on a beach to mark the occasion. 

We wish them all the best. 

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