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Bachelorette Favourite Reveals He’s Had A VASECTOMY

If you’ve been watching The Bachelorette, or read any articles on the inter webs, you’ll know that Stu Laundy is a favourite to take Sophie Monk’s heart.

The heir to the Laundy hotel group and Sophie had some undeniable chemistry, and eagle-eyed viewers have picked him out at as the favourite from the second he started on the show.

Laundry already has four children with his first wife, but news has just surfaced that he’s since had a vasectomy.

Luckily, he can have it reversed… if need be. “I love kids more than life itself,” he said.

“I was married and had four beautiful kids and then I had a vasectomy. You can get them reversed obviously and I would easily go there if the situation arose.”

Row row row your boat gently down the stream 🎼? Nope 😂 it gets dangerous 😳😂 #bacheloretteau 🌹

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With reports he’s a ‘player’, Laundy was quick to shoot them down.

“I was with someone for 15 years so I think that rules me out of being that guy. I was happy (married) and I want that again.

“I like marriage and I would much prefer to be with someone. Having someone is nice.” 

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