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Blac Chyna Makes Rob Kardashian Cry During Fight In New Trai

We all know that Rob & Chyna’s new show is set to be… explosive.

We’ve heard all the drama, along the way, starting with the fact that Rob’s family just aren’t all that into her.

We were comforted slightly by the fact that at least she seemed to be good for Rob, and made him happier than he’d been in a long time.

However, a new teaser for their upcoming show may reveal a different side to their romance.

In the clip, Rob is seen going through Chyna’s phone, and then a different clip shows her yelling down the phone to Rob asking, ‘WHY ARE YOU STILL TEXTING OTHER BITCHES?!”, which we saw in the first trailer.

The part we did’t see was when Rob came home with flowers and Chyna proceeded to throw them in the pool, causing him to cry.

The trailer also delves into depression, as Rob receives advice from Kim and mum Kris - and Scott Disick, who describes it like Rob’s ‘been in jail’.

Source: Mirror

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