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Blake From The Bachelorette Pleads Guilty To Violent Attack

He stunned viewers of The Bachelorette with an aggressive exit from the series last week and it’s recently come to light that Blake Colman was involved with a violent street attack in Perth.

Back in 2015,  Colman became involved in an argument outside Hungry Jacks and ended up assaulting 31-year-old Tristan Cooper. When Cooper attempted to break up the argument, “He just came running up and with all of his body weight sort of grabbed me in the back of he head and threw me into the side of Hungry Jacks,” Cooper told Perth Now. “He picked me up by my neck and threw me down and my head’s whacked the corner of the window as I’ve gone down,” he continued.

Cooper was knocked unconscious by the attack and when he came to, he had lost all feeling in his legs. He was quickly rushed to hospital and required four staples in the back of his head. CCTV footage shows Colman leaving the scene in a taxi. He was identified when Crime Stoppers released his photo.

Colman appeared infront of the Perth Magistrate’s Court in April this year for the assault where he pleaded guilty. He was fined and ordered to pay $850 to Cooper to cover his ambulance expenses.

Cooper also revealed that Colman’s lawyer did not want the incident to affect Colman’s TV career. “He’s been shortlisted for The Bachelorette and that he wouldn’t want his opportunity to be on the show to be hindered,” he said. “I just thought, ‘you’ve got to be joking.’”

A statement issued by Channel 10 on Colman’s behalf states, he is “truely remorseful” for his actions.

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