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Britney Backs Away From G-Eazy's Onstage MTV VMAs Kiss

Photo: Getty Images

It wouldn't have been the first time Britney has had a snog on the MTV VMAs stage, but she wasn't having a bar of it this time.

It was 2012 when it first happened, with none other than Madonna (watch below), Christina Aguilera copping a pash from Madge as well.

Fast-forward four years and replace Madonna with G-Eazy and you've got a different story. During their performance of 'Make Me', which happened to be after Beyonce SLAYED the stage, G-Eazy seemingly went in for a kiss.. or at least that's how the internet is reading it anyway.

Watch below, the juicy bit is at around the 3m47s mark where you see G-Eazy lean in and Britney back away with a little shake of the head.

Sorry G-Eazy, clearly Britney just doesn't live by your name.

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