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Channel Ten Stunned After Sophie Monk Was Announced

Sophie Monk is officially Australia’s next Bachelorette.

And already, she has stunned producers, who have been ‘inundated’ with inquiries from potential suitors since the announcement was made, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Men who applied for the last two seasons of the show had to be between 23 and 35, but now this has been widened.

According to a source quoted in The Telegraph, Sophie  'is open to a younger man', but that the show may also be casting single dads.  

Earlier in the week, Monk appeared on the Project, where she said she is ‘pretty fussy’ but narrowed her ideals down to some deal-breakers.

She stipulated that her new boyfriend would need to be someone who didn’t want to be in the spotlight and needs to be over 30… but no top age was revealed.

We will have to wait for later in the year to find out what happens, with The Bachelor to air before Sophie’s appearance as the Bachelorette.

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