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Charlotte Crosby Breaks Down On TV Over Gary's Baby News

Just yesterday, Gary Beadle announced the news that he and his girlfriend Emma McVey were expecting their first baby together.

It comes after Charlotte lost the couple’s baby 16 months prior, due to a difficulty with the development of the pregnancy.

She suffered an ectopic pregnancy, which meant the baby began to develop outside the uterus.

Charlotte has also publicly been having issues with her boyfriend, Stephen Bear.

She took to Instagram to post about their relationship; teary and distraught before apologising the next day.

Then yesterday, Charlotte appeared on live TV, Ireland FM, and spoke to presenters Alan Hughes and Sinead Desmond.

They asked her how she was feeling, before she broke down, saying [between Gary’s news and her issues with Stephen] she’s had a tough couple of days.

'Honestly I get so overwhelmed by all the support, it's just so amazing. I've gotten so many nice messages over the past couple of days.

'Not only just the situation with Gary but me and Stephen have had some hard times lately as well. I just can't even describe how grateful I am for all the support.'

Lots of love in this picture ❤️

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

Charlotte went on to explain that she doesn't see Gaz any more and that she only still speaks to Aaron Chalmers out of her various male Geordie Shore co-stars. She did 'wish [Gaz] all the best' and dwelled on her much-discussed ectopic pregnancy of last year.

'It wasn't very nice, no. It wasn't very nice. But obviously I came through the other end, I had a lot of great support from great people, but I'm moving on to bigger and better things.

'It was a bad time, but I had a good support system to help us through that.'

Source: Daily Mail

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