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Drake And Rihanna Show Fans Their Love With Onstage Kiss

We've always thought something was going on between Drake and Rihanna but it's never been more real until now.

First there was that awkward peck at the MTV VMAs where Drake confessed he's been in love with Rihanna since he was 22 years of age (he's now 29!). Then, only very recently, Rihanna showed off some new ink symbolizing her affection toward Drake.

But now we have some concrete footage that shows their adoration for each other, in a true PDA! Actions speak louder than any words can and on Wednesday night the pair showed the Miami crowd on Drakes Summer Sixteen tour exactly what we've all been waiting for.

Watch the vision above as Rihanna and Drake shared a smooch and a loving hug after she joined him on stage, so adorbs!!

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