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Drake & Jennifer Lopez Arm In Arm, But All For Publicity?

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are at it again!

After sharing their loved up photo at Christmas, oddly at the exact same time as each other, new photos have emerged from TMZ showing the pair at fancy LA restaurant Nobu this week.

The pictures show the couple looking very affectionate with their arms wrapped around each other as they headed to a waiting car outside the restaurant.

According to a source from inside the restaurant, "They seemed to have a lot to talk about and looked very happy together. Jen was giggling. Drake was very flirty with her and you could tell that she had a great time."

While we're all loving the new "DraLo" couple in town, we can't let our hearts be broken as well. The pair are rumoured to have a song coming out together soon, so 'publicity stunt' does sound like a real possibility. Who knows, maybe they actually did fall in love while working together?

Anyway, we can't wait to hear the song, that's for sure! Would that even need any publicity stunt..?!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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