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Due Date Of Kim And Kanye’s Baby Has Been Revealed

Excitement!! The Kardashian baby, well the one that has actually been confirmed that is, is coming a lot sooner than we first thought!

That's right, Kim and Kanye's third child which they are having via surrogate isn't going to be born in January as we previously heard.

In fact, Santa had better add another Kardashian-West baby onto the nice list because the birth is expected to happen BEFORE Christmas!

A source spoke to Us Weekly saying, "Kim's surrogate is due before christmas." And though we don't know too much about the mystery woman yet, the source also confirmed that we would be hearing more about Kimye's surrogate in the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

All that we do know so far is that the surrogate is a college graduate student with two of her own children and a "solid" marriage. Oh and the fact that the Kardashian-Wests have spent a BUCKET load on her security.

So it looks like Kim and Kanye will be hanging a tiny, third stocking over the fireplace this year! comforting it is to hear some news about an ACTUAL Kardashian pregnancy rather than another fake/very very unlikely one...

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