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Emma Bunton Just Played The BEST Spice Girls Prank Ever

Who knew Baby Spice was such a prankster?!

Get ready feel some hectic Spice Girls nostalgia. Emma Bunton, aka, Baby Spice, pulled an epic prank, with the help of British Airways this week on some unsuspecting passengers - all in the name of charity.

In a video made in aid of the UK's Red Nose Day 2017, Emma is disguised as a British Airways check-in agent, called "Ems."

While assisting people at the check-in desk, Emma requests that passengers, "shake it to the left" and, "shake it to the right."

Yep, you guessed it. 


She manages to slip in SO many Spice Girls lyrics as possible oh-so-casually throughout the conversation, and the result is the best thing you'll watch all day. 

Check it out below!

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