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Geordie Shore Star Reveals Upsetting Truth About The Show

Geordie Shore alumni Sarah Goodhart has uploaded an emotional video to YouTube in which she makes a series of explosive claims about her time on the show.

The 23-year-old appeared on the most recent season of the long-running series, competing against a handful of other newcomers to win a place in the house.

But Goodhart is alleging that show bosses lied to her to convince her to commit to filming and exploited her weaknesses to create drama while the cameras were rolling.

"Casting people don't look for stable, well-balanced people, they look for people who are psychotic, have anger issues and troubled upbringings - the perfect sort of people to pluck away and manipulate," she revealed.

"I'm a person with a severe anxiety disorder which has only heightened since [the show] with that lovely side order of depression."

Goodhart claims she only signed up for the show because she was told that she didn't have to compete and was pressured into quitting her job.

"I was deceived," she now admits. "I'm still broke, I'm in debt up to my eyeballs. 

"It felt seedy and not very true to myself at all but I felt like it was my last chance to get some money because of the stupid choices I'd made in the past."

It's just one of many allegations the ex-reality star is levelling against Geordie Shore producers, saying that she "wasn't given" her medication for three days - leading to a panic attack - and that she was forced to say THAT line about Marty McKenna's "privates".

"It was disgusting," Goodhart said. "It got used and it's one of the lines that I'm now known for and it never ever came out of my mouth and protested not to say.

"I was a clearly a vulnerable and messed up person and placed into an environment that was never going to be any good for me.

"I was exploited."

Geordie Shore's reps have declined to comment.

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