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Guy Sebastian Just Trolled Shannon Noll So Hard It Hurts!

In case you forgot, Shannon Noll and Guy Sebastian go WAY back.

All the way back to the very first Australian Idol in 2003.

While Guy went on to win, it wasn't the end of things for Shannon and both have since managed to carve out a slice of the music industry.

However, it hasn't been all smooth sailing for Nollsey who was arrested outside the Crazy Horse strip club in Adelaide last month.

And, like the rest of us, it didn't go unnoticed by his old reality tv mate.

Just when we thought the dust had settled and there could be another parody left in the story, Guy posted this to Instagram.

Oi I'm Guy Sebastian let me back into the Crazy Horse!! šŸ“

A photo posted by guysebastian (@guysebastian) on

Cue the 'What About Me' parodies once again...

Top Photo: AAP

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