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Has This Bachelor Just Let Slip That He’s The WINNER?!

If you’re watching The Bachelorette, no doubt you’re nervous, being that home visits, which we know Georgia thinks are a ‘big deal’, are coming up.

However, crowd favourite Lee Elliot may have let the cat out of the bag early, after hinting he still sees the former newsreader.

The 35-year-old suggested the pair still see each other, despite filming for the show finishing months ago, admitting to OK! Australia: 'We want to be out and we want to be doing things'.

'Going out to the Yarra Valley or down the coast for lunch, that's just who we are,' the Sydney-based hunk revealed.

'We have so much in common when it comes to wanting the best out of life and that's what I love about Georgia.' Lee's comments come after New Idea reported that the hunk was spotted filming the finale in Singapore with Georgia and fellow finalist Matty J.

Apparently, G was spotted kissing both guys during filming before the final rose ceremony, however, many believe it’s Lee who wins her heart.

Luckily, his feelings towards Georgia aren’t one-sided, admitting to NW that she can picture a future with him.

'A future with Lee is very easy for me to picture - I really had feelings for him instantly.’

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