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Why Wearing Highlighter In Your Driver's License Photo Fails

Highlighter is the probs the best beauty product out. It makes you look awake, whilst giving you a magical ~glow~ and truly makes your cheekbones pop.

However, it's never a good idea to wear it in your driver's license picture. Let this guy show you why...

Hawaii-based beauty guru Bretman Rock was simply trying to do something we've all attempted: not look dead in his license photo. 

The beauty boy is known for his love of OTT highlighter, and normally looks a little something like this: 

No doubt about it, he knows how to ~sparkle~.

But as discovered by Bretman, loading up the makeup brush with highlighter is NOT a good idea if you're getting your driver's license photo taken. Instead of looking like a glowing babe, he ended up looking like this:

More like a frosted pastry.

He posted the hilarious to Instagram, warning his followers against going for the glow: "Don't ever wear too much highlighter when you take your drivers license you'll look a hot shiny mess 🙈," he wrote.

Contouring should be okay tho? Yeah? 


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