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Holy MOLY Did Riverdale Just Kill Off Jughead?!

If you listen very, very carefully, you can hear the faint noise of the hearts of every single Riverdale fan breaking simultaneously. Why? Well before we explain this let us just say, **SPOILERS AHEAD!!!**

The latest episode, ‘Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgement Night’, was absolutely drama packed. Not only did we finally reach a resolution with the Black Hood (well, sort of) as Hal, Betty’s father, unmasked himself as the evil mass murderer, but we also so a number of large fights break out.

The town of Riverdale was practically being burned to the ground. But the most notable of these fights didn’t happen until right at the end of the film. Jughead handed himself over to Penny Peabody and the terrifying Ghoulies gang in order to be the hero and stop a much larger fight from taking place.

Now we know that this is going to be pretty darn bad for old Jug for a number of reasons. Firstly, he calls Betty to tell her he loves her and all but say goodbye completely. And secondly, because the Ghoulies have jughead outnumbered by about 30 people.

But of course, as we watched Jughead enter the belly of the beast all on his lonesome we didn’t think he could actually end up dead, because hello he’s one of the main characters and him and Betty just HAVE to live happily ever after otherwise the writers will have a bunch of angry Bughead fans to deal with.

And so you can understand our shock, when FP eventually finds Jughead in the woods and carries out his LIFELESS and very, very bruised body!!

Of course, this is where the episode ends and we were left with lots of unanswered questions. Is Jughead really dead?! Or if he isn’t quite dead yet, will he died in the upcoming season finale?

We don’t like to be the bearer of bed news, but shortly after the episode aired, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead tweeted a pretty telling tweet that looks almost as if he’s saying goodbye to Riverdale forever!

Riverdale show runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa also tweeted teasing the season finale episode saying that it will be “heart stopping” for one character with a picture of Jughead attached! Does he mean LITERALLY heart stopping?!

Not to mention when Sprouse and KJ Apa, who plays Archie, did an interview with TVLine in April, they both said that we should expect some sort of tragedy involving Jughead.

“I think the last episode, if I were to describe it in one way, it would be tragic - for one person in particular in the show, but for everyone, ultimately,” said KJ. Cole added, “Jughead’s made a lot of enemies”.

I guess we’ll have to wait until next Thursday to find out what happens for sure, but until then we’ll be sitting here in complete denial.

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