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How Georgia Love Was “Totally Humiliated” By Courtney

Last night I think it’s safe to say we all cringed a little bit when we watched Courtney ‘try’ to score more time with Georgia.

This comes just a few weeks after Courtney failed to kiss Georgia in a supremely intimate moment.

Put it this way, he didn’t do himself any favours last night, either.

The 30-year-old industrial designer deeply offended Georgia, 27, by 'giving up' on a group date challenge on Wednesday.

During the medieval task, Courtney ruled himself out early so Ryan Palk could have a chance at winning - and Georgia was clearly disappointed.

He did it by walking through the challenge and getting pelted by plastic arrows, which meant he would lose, seemingly without a care in the world. 'I've no idea why Courtney did that.

This is all about trying to spend extra time with me and he just couldn't have cared less,' she said. Georgia added: 'I was totally humiliated by that. All of these guys have made an effort and then Courtney couldn't have cared less. How embarrassing.'

Later on in the night, Georgia confronted him - and Courtney explained that it was because he was trying to ‘fix’ the game, so to speak - and wanted to give Ryan more time with the Bachelorette.

Later, Georgia said in an on-camera segment: 'At the end of the day, he's really upset me and really hurt me. 'I don't know if the explanation of being a good mate is one that's sitting very well with me,' she concluded.

Though, Georgia must have been forgiving, as Courtney, who was in the final two, scraped through.

Source: Daily Mail

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