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Insider Spills On What The NEW Bachelorette Is REALLY Like

Yesterday we discovered that Georgia Love had been announced as the new Bachelorette!

She’s a stunning TV presenter from Tassie, and a great pick, in our opinion. Though, some people feel the pick is a little controversial, given that so many of the girls from Sam Wood’s season of The Bachelor would be perfect to lead the new season of the Bachelorette. Emily? Sarah? LANA?


However, Richie Wright who works at KIIS called in, as he knows Georgia from their days working together at 7HO in Hobart, and decided to spill the beans on what she’s REALLY like.


He told us that she’s a LOVELY girl originally from a private school in Melbourne.


Very fun, he thinks she might have ADD - and she’s ALWAYS getting in trouble for snap chatting.


Apparently she’s ALWAYS doing quotes from Anchorman, too! haha However, the Daily Mail have digged up old photos from her Facebook page, and they definitely show a girl who knows how to have fun - maybe even a little bit of a wild child. What do you think?


Source: Daily Mail

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