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This Could Be The RUDEST MAFS Contestant The Show's Seen

Brace yourselves and meet Michael, the man who has been described as the most ‘challenging’ groom Married At First Sight has ever come across. Words other than ‘challenging’ may spring to mind after you watch the video above. 

Michael, 30, is set to appear the next series of Nine's Married At First Sight reality show, in which couples meet for the first time at the aisle after being matched by a team of experts. 

In a promo clip Michael describes what he's looking for in a woman, he starts by saying his prospective partner needs to have “small ears, good teeth, [be] physically active, is motivated, likes to train and keeps healthy,”.

He wants a natural beauty, “I don’t like the pretentious fake look, I hate that. Natural beauty? Perfect. If you can wake up in the morning and not have to worry about make-up ... They [only] put a little bit of foundation on and they look fantastic,”. But ladies, he doesn't mind fake boobs...

The ideal woman will have no children, must have direction in life and will be shorter than him (even while wearing high heels)

Here's the real clincher, the lucky Mrs Michael MUST be under 60KG. We're not sure if Michael realises that the average Aussie woman weighs about 70KG. 

The man certainly knows what he wants.

Watch the clip above to hear it all and find out what Michael will do if he's paired with someone who "he thinks is ugly"...


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