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Geordie Shore Caught Out Faking A Massive Part Of The Show

Before you all start yelling about how scripted reality television is, we know. We're not idiots.

But amid Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Hills and The Bachelor lies Geordie Shore, a show that does little more than ply its stars full of alcohol and let them party.

Not much you can lie about there, right?

WRONG. Apparently those wild nights out aren't actually that wild.

"The Geordie Shore producer went up to the bar the other night and ordered them 6 shots of water," an eagle-eyed fan Tweeted.

Another agreed: "Producer to the bar lad '6 shots with water in' Geordie Shore scripted or what WEY AYEEE I've seen it all."

The Sun Online reports a show insider has confirmed the rumours, revealing that the fakery has been going on for years.

"Geordie Shore is portrayed like they get hammered every night, but some nights they just go out and drink water which they make look like vodka," the source said.

"While they were filming series 16 in Flortia's night club the other night, a producer was heard going to the bar and ordering six shot glasses of water.

"This has been going on for a few series now... even in the days when Holly Hagan was involved."

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