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Justin Bieber Actually Punched A Fan In The FACE!

Justin Bieber had a bigger night than he probably anticipated before his concert in Barcelona last night.

Bieber was arriving by chauffeur-driven car for his concert in Barcelona when he decided to roll down his window to greet fans.

A shocking video recorded shows a male approaching the car, which was driving at a slow speed and touching Justin’s upper body.

The fan continues to touch Justin as the car moves before Justin is seen extending his hand and hitting the man’s face.

The shocked fan then turns around to reveal his bloodied lip to the cameras as he looks angry and shocked over the incident.

A minute after the ordeal Justin’s driver took him around the corner to a parking lot where the star jumped out of the car to talk his team through what had happened.

Now the fan, who has been revealed as a minor, is contemplating suing the singer.

Police confirmed this on Wednesday morning that they were not investigating the incident and said it was up to the victim to decide whether to make a formal complaint.

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