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Kanye West Storms Off Stage In Toronto

Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West has stormed off stage just 13 minutes into his headlining performance at the closing ceremony of the Toronto's Pan Am Games, after his microphone malfunctioned.

The rapper kept his cool for a short while when the sound cut out during a medley of his hits.

He waited patiently for a few seconds and kept singing in silence, but West decided it was a lost cause and threw his mic into the crowd before storming off in a huff, watch below:

Surprisingly, the sound was fine for the live broadcast, so viewers at home would have been rightfully perplexed at the sudden walk-off.

CBC Olympic, the official broadcaster admitted "technical issues" were to blame.

It hasn't stopped fans from seeing the lighter side of the situation.

A Twitter account called Kanye's Microphone has been keeping fans laughing with such tweets as "@kanyewest I would have let you finish... :(" and "He may have thrown me in the air, but I never felt so higher when I was in his hand.".

Storming off stage in a huff isn't new for Kanye. The rapper famously left the stage in Florida in 2013 when he encountered lighting issues.

In 2004, West walked out of the American Music Awards after losing the best new artist award.

He didn't get the warmest welcome to Toronto either, with a petition asking the Games to cut him as a headliner and replace him with a local artist gaining 50,000 signatures before the performance.

Source: AAP

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