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Katy Perry Just Wore The Weirdest Outfit Yet!

Let’s be honest here, Katy Perry is known for wearing some unusual outfits.

Nothing on the scale of Lady Gaga’s meat dress, but still… strange enough.

So when we say that the singer just wore her weirdest outfit yet – you know you’re in for something good!

Rocking up to the Met Gala, aka home of wildest outfits of the year, Katy was covered from head to toe.


Not what you normally expect from a pop star.

Adding to the drama of her red, floor-length veil, the singer also had what looked like the word “whiteness” (w-eye-tness) across her head.


Even stranger – were the side mirrors (or at least that’s what we’re calling it) on either side of her eyes.


With the event only just getting underway, we can’t wait to see what other fashion treasures will make their debut!

Photos: Getty

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