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Keira Knightley’s Stalker Admits To Meowing At Her

Everyone thinks they want to be famous, and don’t get me wrong - the perks they are a’plenty.

However, there’s also a really horrible side to fame, as Keira Knightley found out.

Her stalker, 49-year-old Mark Revill has admitted to ‘meowing’ through the letterbox of her home and bombarding the actress with messages, even writing in chalk on the street outside her home, Highbury magistrates heard.

The Hackney man admitted to stalking Ms Knightley for a period of three months, when he made repeated trips to her five-bedroom home in North London.

Revill was finally chased away by the star’s husband, musician James Righton, the court heard.

The court heard Revill also sent her a USB with cat-themed music on it and a picture of three cats winking.

Prosecutor Simms Khan said: 'The first point of contact was a chalk drawing on the pavement, an arrow pointing directly at her front door.

But it got even weirder.

'He then persistently delivered hand written letters, there was no stamp of frank on it so there was no way it could have gone through the Royal Mail or any other delivery system.

'He then goes to her address, lifts up the letter box and makes meowing sounds - Ms Knightley's husband then chases Mr Revill to confront him about the allegations.'

The prosecutor continued: 'It makes the victim uncomfortable, she sees him outside, goes away and continues her day, comes back and he's still outside.

'Now she's feeling quite apprehensive but there is no direct contact.' The lack of direct contact makes it difficult to charge the man.

At a previous court appearance, composer Revill insisted that he loved Knightley, but had been approaching her to promote his music.

Revill has made a number of references to cats on Facebook and recently changed his name to 'Mark McCattipus'.

Revill was charged with stalking Ms Knightley between August 1 and October 22, 'by pursuing a course of conduct that amounted to the stalking, which he knew amounted to harassment'.

He is currently in custody for breaching one of the technical terms of his bail.

It is expected he will be sentenced this afternoon.

Source: Daily Mail

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