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Kendall Jenner Is Being SUED Over Her New Radio Show

With the Kardashian’s already dominating reality TV with their show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, and often appearing on magazine covers, it was only a matter of time before one of them ventured into the radio industry.

But it seems that Kendall Jenner’s new radio show/podcast series ‘Pizza Boys’, might be very short lived as it’s been revealed that someone is actually SUING her and Apple over the name choice.

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According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Robert Karageuzian, owner of the los Angeles brand and worldwide art collective PizzaBoyzzz, is suing the 22-year-old reality star, her DJ co-host Daniel Chetrit and Apple over the show for trademark infringement.

“We wanted the defendants to stop using the mark and to assume us they wouldn’t use the mark,” said Karageuzian’s lawyer, Sam P. Israel.

“What we asked for was a writing from them that would say they wouldn’t use the mark and that they would destroy any merchandise that bore the mark, and they wouldn’t do it, so we went ahead and filed suit.”

Karageuzian is trying to prohibit the radio show from using the Pizza Boys name as it has “exploited” his own brand’s “unique themes, content and lifestyle” and is beginning to confuse his customers.

Karageuzian and his lawyer are now waiting to see if Jenner, Chetrit and Apple will formally agree to stop using the mark, otherwise they may be forced to file a temporary restraining order against the show.

“If they don’t, then we’ll take it to the next step like any other lawsuit,” said Israel. “We’ll either seek a TRO or it’ll be their move to answer the complaint.”

Karageuzian has owned his PizzaBoyzzz brand since February 19, 2015, whereas Kendall Jenner’s show was only launched on Apple Music on April 13. She also began selling Pizza Boys apparel at the Coachella festival.

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